The office of the Bashkan Evghenia Guțul does not have the support of the Comrat People's Assembly

The People's Assembly has refused to appoint the members of the office of Bashkan Evghenia Guțul, proposed by Ilan Șor. The subject was not put on the agenda, even though the appointed cabinet had come to the meeting. The Șor group staged a protest, demonstrators tried to enter the People's Assembly, but the swearing-in of the new executive office was postponed.

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The protesters demanded the resignation of the Chairman of the People's Assembly, Dmitry Constantinov, although some did not know why they were protesting.

"- To Ilan Shor - But why are you dissatisfied? Why are you protesting? I don't know how to answer."

"The problem is that the team created by our Bashkan is not approved by the People's Assembly."

The People's Assembly demands compliance with the procedure, including checking the level of knowledge of the Gagauz language.

"If the Gagauz language is important here, of course we will learn it. But as far as I understand, everyone speaks Russian in the People's Assembly, in Gagauz they just argue and swear at each other," said Orhei Mayor Pavel Verajanu, the appointed deputy to the Bashkan.

The inauguration of the office of Bashkan Gutu was not accepted on the agenda of the People's Assembly.

"The postponement of this issue is for the benefit of those who tend to destroy our autonomy, take away our powers, turn us into a reservation, a ghetto," said Alexandr Dulgher, a member of the People's Assembly.

"It is not done like that. There is the procedure and the law. Everything will be according to law and procedure, I guarantee you. Who is against it? Three people voted. Well, who is against?" asked the chairman of the People's Assembly, Dmitry Constantinov.

Ilan Șor continues to play politics from afar. Sentenced in Moldova to 15 years in prison, he introduced the members of the Ghouta Bașcana office yesterday from a screen set up in the centre of Comrat. Although she has been sworn in, Evghenia Guțul must seek a vote from the People's Assembly to confirm her cabinet.

The court validated the local elections, but the prosecutor's office is investigating campaign financing and voter corruption. The Șor party has meanwhile been declared unconstitutional, specifically because of murky foreign funding.

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