The USA, the EU, Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova are meeting today in Galati to discuss the issue of Ukrainian grain exports

High representatives of the United States of America, the European Union, the Republic of Moldova, Romania and Ukraine will meet today, in Galati, to discuss alternative routes for transporting grain from Ukraine, according to the US Embassy in Bucharest, reports Agerpres. Earlier, the state secretary from the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry, Vasile Șarban, told Radio Moldova that at the meeting they will also discuss the aid that Moldovan farmers could receive.

"On Friday, there will be a visit of officials to the Romanian side, to Galați, to examine the possibilities of the Romanians on this segment, where the minister will also be a direct participant. At the level of discussions, negotiations, on the part of the Republic of Moldova, I assure you that this time the minister will be on the side of the domestic producer so that we can deal with our cereals", declared Vasile Șarban.

According to the US embassy in Bucharest, the subject of the discussions will be ensuring the uninterrupted continuity of Ukrainian grain exports to meet global demand.

"Despite Russia's relentless destruction of Ukrainian port infrastructure and grain warehouses, we remain committed to ensuring the uninterrupted continuity of Ukrainian grain exports to meet global demand."

At the same time, the institution denounced the Kremlin for "turning food into a weapon and endangering global food security". We remind you that, after Russia suspended the agreement on the transit of Ukrainian grain through the Black Sea, several European countries, including the Republic of Moldova, decided to identify solutions for the export of these products by land.

Dumitru Petruleac

Dumitru Petruleac


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