Patent reform: 95% of former patentees switched to self-employment

Two months after the entry into force of the patent reform, 95% of the former patentees switched to self-employment. The data were presented by the Minister of Economic Development Dumitru Alaiba. According to the official, some of them received their ten thousand lei.

"Of the 4,202 former patentees, 3,526 switched to an independent activity regime. Some of the remaining ones have either switched to SRL or sole proprietorship and continue to work. 3445 people have already requested to compensate their expenses, of which 3183 have already received the money", says the Minister of Economic Development Dumitru Alaiba. According to the minister, independent activity will only bring benefits to traders.

"Merchants will not have to have receipts, accounting, reporting, or any other type of bureaucracy. The cash machine is directly connected to the FISC ( State Tax Inspectorate), and once every three months they will receive a receipt that calculates the tax of one percent of sales, the lowest income tax in Europe," added the official.

The director of the State Fiscal Service, Petru Rotaru, claims that there are still about 700 patentees who have not switched to independent activity, if they do not comply, the FISC could apply certain restrictions to them.

"If they don't comply, the FISC is, after all, the institution that collects taxes and fees, but it also has the role of ensuring equity in entrepreneurial activity - fair competition, everyone must pay taxes and taxes. And then we will have to apply certain restrictive measures regarding the activity of those who did not comply" explains Petru Rotaru, director of the State Fiscal Service. According to the new reform, implemented by the Ministry of Economic Development, from July 1, all traders are obliged to install electronic cash register.

Ana Stegarescu

Ana Stegarescu


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