Chisinau hosts first edition of "Vulpea De Fier" Medieval Festival

Warriors from different periods of the Middle Ages gathered at the "Vulpea De Fier" (Iron Fox) Medieval Arts Festival in Chisinau. Despite being a premiere for the country, the event drew dozens of history lovers. Organisers noted that history is an essential element in the formation of the human personality.

Shining knights in armour, nomadic warriors, archers, and lancers could be admired at the Medieval Arts Festival. As battles were the order of the day, participants improvised historical fencing and archery.

"It is an authentic costume from 13th-14th century Europe. Everything is made of natural leather, linen, and iron. On average, they weigh about 25 kilograms, and if they are lighter, they can be 18. Battles are always fun."

"I am wearing a specimen of mediaeval Italian armour. The battle was not one of the most difficult, but the heat made the process difficult. I have been practising this sport for five years."

"In addition to historical archery, I also practise sports archery. When I first found out about this club, I was impressed. I have been to a similar festival in Bulgaria, only it was more grandiose."

"I have been to Romania and Bulgaria as well. We actively participate and promote historical culture. We have Mongolian clothing, which are called green and red robes."

The public was pleasantly surprised by the way the mediaeval town in which the festival took place was arranged.

"I think it is something beautiful, extraordinary, and unusual for the Chisinau Municipality. It is important to know the historical past. On the basis of the past, it is easier to understand the present."

"For me, it is an example of people living in the past. It is something very good for culture. Archery is something more active."

According to the organisers, the festival aims to popularise history among citizens, especially young people.

"Armoured battles are currently a new type of sport that is very developed in the world. This year, our team from the Republic of Moldova participated in the world championship in Spain, Belmonte, where they returned with a bronze medal and a gold medal," says Ecaterina Obada, the organizer of the event.

The "Vulpea De Fier" Medieval Arts Festival is in its first edition.

Translation by Iurie Tataru

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