CEC: Today is the last day of campaigning

Today is the last day on which electoral campaigning is allowed for the second round of general local elections, which will take place this Sunday, warns the Central Electoral Commission.

During this period, election candidates are not allowed to appear on television or radio broadcasts. Also, the local public administration and advertising broadcasters have the obligation to remove electoral advertising materials.

We remind that the ban does not apply to information already placed on the Internet. Also, broadcasters and distributors of advertising are obliged to remove all electoral display and other electoral advertising materials, with the exception of materials developed by electoral bodies. At the same time, electoral contestants cannot make transfers to/from the account marked "Electoral Fund".

Citizens who will not comply with these provisions of the electoral legislation could receive fines of up to 3000 lei, or up to 7500 lei in the case of legal entities.

We remind you that on Sunday, November 19, the second round of voting will be organized in 273 localities.

Bogdan Nigai

Bogdan Nigai


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