Cinema Hora: Moldovan film's global bridge

A new era dawns for the Moldovan film industry as Cinema Hora, the country's inaugural international film forum, opens its doors. Orchestrated by the National Center of Cinematography and bolstered by the Ministry of Culture and the Future Technologies Project, the event aims to ignite dialogue, stimulate knowledge exchange, and spark innovative strategies within the local cinematic landscape.

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The inaugural day, held on March 8th in the esteemed Europa Hall of the Parliament, resonated with anticipation and the promise of fruitful collaboration. Over 70 filmmakers, hailing from both Moldova and 20 other nations, converged to participate in this landmark event.

"Cinema Hora signifies a pivotal opportunity for Moldova to carve its own distinct space on the European film map," declared Valentina Iusuphodjaev, Director of the National Center of Cinematography. **"This platform will serve as a potent catalyst, propelling the talent and potential of our filmmakers to new heights."

Echoing this sentiment, President Maia Sandu underscored Moldova's unwavering commitment to aligning itself with European values. "Our filmmakers are steadily garnering international recognition," she stated, "and Moldova itself is blossoming into a sought-after filming destination. We actively seek to engage in co-productions and become a valued contributor to the global cinematic tapestry."

The significance of Cinema Hora transcends individual careers. "This forum arrives at a critical juncture," remarked Culture Minister Sergiu Prodan, "coinciding with the commencement of Moldova's EU accession negotiations. As filmmakers, we bear the momentous responsibility of communicating the essence of Moldova to both Europe and the international community."

International support for Cinema Hora is palpable. "The film industry serves as a vital bridge for cultural exchange and understanding," emphasised US Ambassador Kent D. Logsdon. "USAID is proud to lend its support to this initiative, recognizing the potential of Moldova's film scene to seamlessly integrate into European values and nurture global connections."

Cinema Hora's agenda promises a dynamic blend of insightful discussions, compelling presentations, and invaluable networking opportunities. The second day will witness Moldovan filmmakers showcasing their winning projects, funded by the National Center of Cinematography, as they seek potential European partners for future productions. Guests will also be treated to breathtaking filming locations and an immersive experience of the warmth and vibrancy of Moldovan winter traditions.

Cinema Hora marks a watershed moment for the Moldovan film industry. By fostering collaboration, empowering knowledge exchange, and forging international partnerships, the forum paves the way for a future where Moldovan cinema shines ярко (brightly) on the global stage.

Translation by Iurie Tataru

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