Painter Dimitar Peicev passed away

Irreparable loss for national culture! Dimitar Peicev, the well-known painter of Bulgarian origin, nicknamed the color poet of Bugeac, has passed away. He was 80 years old and had a lot of projects for the future.

facebook/ Dimităr Peicev
Sursa: facebook/ Dimităr Peicev

He came to Chisinau in 1961, studied at the School of Fine Arts "Repin" in Chisinau, currently the College of Fine Arts "Alexandru Plămădeala", and trained as a painter in the workshop of the great master Mihail Grecu. He participated in numerous exhibitions in our country and abroad. The year 2023 was special for the late artist, he had an anniversary exhibition at his 80th birthday at the "Constantin Brâncusi" Gallery. He was awarded, at the First Gala of the Union of FIne Artists, with the diploma of excellence for his entire activity.

"This night, painter and poet Dimitar Peycev died, to whom the painters and pictorial art from Romania owe its true post-war renaissance, at least training two generations of painters - in his workshop, or through his painting, which gradually became synonymous with his name: Peičevian painting", wrote art critic Vladimir Bulat on Facebook.

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