Consultations at the Presidency // Maia Sandu discussed the EU accession referendum with EBA Moldova representatives

A new round of discussions about the referendum on the accession to the European Union took place today at the Presidency. The head of state Maia Sandu met with the board members of the European Business Association (EBA), an organization that promotes trade and investments between Moldova and the European Single Market.

During the discussions, Maia Sandu mentioned that the current government is working for a healthy competitive environment where everyone plays by the same rules and for an open, free and digital economy, ready to be integrated into the EU single market.

Also, the head of state urged the EBA representatives to join the efforts of the authorities to spread throughout society the message that the European path is the only chance for the transformation of the Republic of Moldova.

Consultations on the referendum will continue in the coming weeks and the plebiscite could be organized in the fall of the current year.

The EBA was established on the basis of the negotiation of the Association Agreement, including the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area, between the European Union and the Republic of Moldova, signed in June 2014.

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