The Republic of Moldova and France signed a letter of intent for investments in the railway sector

The Republic of Moldova and France signed a document of intent to develop the railway sector in our country. The French government has shown its openness to contribute financially for the digitization of the sector and the procurement of locomotives, said the Minister of Infrastructure and Regional Development, Andrei Spînu, after the conclusion of the first Railway Forum, organized in Chisinau. According to the official, in the next period the available amounts and the main equipment to be procured are to be agreed.

"Today, the investment plan necessary for the rehabilitation of the railway infrastructure was presented. Based on that plan, I signed that letter of intent. The next step is to discuss very specifically the investment that needs to be made. Priority is the wagons, locomotives and maintenance equipment. The existing wagons of the railway, if they are not renewed, in the next five years, they will go out of use. There are financings that will come from the French government, including the European Commission, it can also be credit, we'll see if we can also attract a certain grant component", Andrei Spînu said.

Andrei Spînu noted that the railway sector in the Republic of Moldova is facing a series of challenges, and for the total rehabilitation of the railway infrastructure, about 3 billion euros would be needed.

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