Moldova Streamlines Medicine Access with e-Rx

Approximately 1,300 patients obtained compensated medicines through the electronic e-Prescription system in a single day. The system has been operational nationwide since April 1st.

According to representatives of the National Health Insurance Company, over 3,000 compensated medicines and devices worth over 550,000 lei were dispensed through the digital prescription format yesterday.

After successful testing by doctors and pharmacists in the Hincesti district last year, the e-Prescription system was implemented nationwide in the first months of this year. Since April 1st, compensated medicines and devices are dispensed to patients only through prescriptions created digitally by both family doctors and specialists. Medications can be taken in instalments if the pharmacy does not have the necessary quantity in stock.

This system also provides a solution for patients who wish to purchase partially compensated medicines but do not have the full amount.

Citizens can receive these prescriptions with only their identity card at any pharmacy. In the case of mobility difficulties, a trusted person whose name is included in the electronic form may retrieve the medications.

According to Health Minister Ala Nemerenco, the e-Prescription system will streamline the work of doctors, and patients will no longer have to queue at their offices to obtain paper prescriptions.

“This system will reduce unnecessary visits solely to obtain the same prescription repeatedly. Moreover, patients have the freedom to consult any doctor. If a specialist deems it necessary to prescribe additional medication, they can do so, eliminating the previous requirement of visiting a family doctor for those prescriptions," explained the Minister of Health.

Before the implementation of the e-Prescription system, the National Health Insurance Company (CNAM) spent over one and a half million lei annually on paper forms.

CNAM representatives indicate that approximately 800,000 people currently benefit from compensated medicines and devices. The e-Prescription system was launched in 2023, with an investment of approximately 4 million lei for its development.

Translation by Iurie Tataru

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