Moldova-Transnistria Tensions Rise Over Peacekeeper Request

The Transnistrian delegation to the Joint Control Commission (JCC) has requested the installation of a new peacekeeping post at the Dubăsari Hydroelectric Plant on the right bank of the Nistru River, according to reports from media outlets in the breakaway region. Chișinău authorities have not yet commented on the request.

Transnistrian Media Reports Concerns About Security

Transnistrian media outlets report that employees at the Dubăsari Hydroelectric Plant have expressed concerns about the "tense situation" in the Black Sea region. They claim that the installation of an additional Joint Peacekeeping Forces (JPMF) post would enhance stability for the population on both sides of the Nistru.

Chișinău Reiterates Opposition to Additional Peacekeeping Structures

Moldovan constitutional authorities have not yet commented on the request. However, the Reintegration Bureau issued a statement on Thursday, reiterating Chișinău's position that the JPMF does not require additional structures to maintain peace in the Security Zone. The statement also included arguments that the existing peacekeeping posts were established without proper authorization and called for their removal.

Tiraspol Seeks to Pressure Chișinău and Escalate Situation, Analyst Says

Representatives from Tiraspol on the Commission opposed reaching a decision on the matter. Political analyst Anatol Țăranu believes that Tiraspol's request is a deliberate attempt to pressure Chișinău and escalate the situation in order to advance its own agenda. The analyst recommends that the constitutional authorities reject such proposals.

Analyst Calls Security Concerns a Pretext

Țăranu further argues that the security concerns cited by the plant's employees are likely a pretext. "The installation of an additional post at the Hydroelectric Plant would have no bearing on improving security in the Black Sea region," he stated. "The logic behind such proposals is irrelevant to Tiraspol. They merely seek excuses to accuse Chișinău of obstructing measures that could supposedly improve the situation in the area."

Chișinău Favors Civilian Observer Mission, Russia Opposes

For several years, Chișinău authorities have advocated for the replacement of the current military mission in the security zone with a civilian observer mission under international oversight. This proposed change to the structure and mission of the peacekeeping forces has also received support from observers and mediators involved in the 5+2 negotiating format. However, the 5+2 format is currently non-functional due to Russia's aggression in Ukraine. Only Russia and the self-proclaimed administration in Tiraspol have opposed the proposed transition, insisting that the presence of Russian "peacekeepers" is essential for guaranteeing peace in the region.

Translation by Iurie Tataru

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