Severe Weather Alert: Heavy Rain and Snowfall Expected in Romania

The National Meteorological Administration announced on Sunday morning that heavy rainfall originating from the southwest of Romania will extend across all regions until Monday, accompanied by snowfall in high-altitude mountainous areas.

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According to reports from, this weather forecast is valid from Sunday, 3:00 PM, until Monday, 3:00 PM.

During this period, the area of rainfall will gradually expand from the southwest, covering all regions. Short intervals or accumulations may result in rainfall reaching up to 15 litres per square metre (l/sqm). In specific areas such as Oltenia, Muntenia, Dobrogea, and the southern half of Moldova, rainfall may exceed 30 l/sqm.

In mountainous regions, precipitation will be mixed, with snowfall predominating at altitudes above 1500 m in the Southern and Curvature Carpathians. Locally significant quantities of snow will accumulate in these areas.

Wind speeds will locally and temporarily intensify in the southern and southeastern regions, generally ranging between 45 and 55 km/h.

On Tuesday, rainfall is expected to resume, with significant accumulations, particularly in mountainous regions and the southwest. Wind intensity is also expected to increase across most of the country.

A yellow snowfall warning is in effect from Sunday, 6:00 PM, until Monday, 12:00 PM. This warning applies to areas above 1500 m in the Southern and Curvature Carpathians.

This forecast serves as a cautionary measure for residents and travellers, urging preparedness and vigilance in light of anticipated adverse weather conditions.

Translation by Iurie Tataru

Bogdan Nigai

Bogdan Nigai


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