Red Plan Activated: Crisis Situation at Chișinău Airport

An aircraft that was en route from London to Chișinău on Sunday was compelled to make an emergency landing in Iași due to a bomb threat issued at the airport in the Moldovan capital, as reported by Agerpres.

According to Romeo Vatră, the director of Iași airport, the Red Plan was activated, and ongoing checks are being conducted.

"We are facing a crisis situation," explained Romeo Vatră.

He further conveyed that all 220 passengers and crew members aboard the aircraft have been safely evacuated and will be transported by bus to Chișinău.

It is noteworthy that on Sunday, April 21, a bomb threat was reported at Chișinău International Airport. Passengers were evacuated, and specialised services from the Ministry of Internal Affairs conducted thorough inspections.

Furthermore, another bomb threat at Chișinău International Airport was recorded on Saturday evening.

Following meticulous inspections, both alerts were deemed false, and the airport resumed its normal operations. Criminal proceedings have been initiated in both cases for falsely reporting acts of terrorism, with potential penalties including fines or imprisonment for up to 2 years.

Translation by Iurie Tataru

Carolina Străjescu

Carolina Străjescu


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