Expanded Voting Access: Moldovan Residents Abroad Can Vote by Mail

Residents of the Republic of Moldova domiciled in the United States of America, Canada, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Iceland will have the opportunity to cast their votes by mail in the forthcoming presidential elections and the republican constitutional referendum scheduled for October 20.

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The proposed legislation regarding the trial of postal voting successfully passed its second reading, resulting in amendments to the Electoral Code of the Republic of Moldova.

Furthermore, the opposition has accused the majority of attempting to amend electoral legislation during an election year, a move that would contradict the recommendations of the Venice Commission.

The Parliamentary Faction of the Bloc of Communists and Socialists alleges that such actions could compromise the integrity of the electoral process.

It is mandatory for Moldovan citizens residing in these six states who wish to vote by mail to register on the Central Electoral Commission (CEC) website within the stipulated time frame.

Special envelopes containing ballot papers will be dispatched to voters via diplomatic mail or regular postal services, accompanied by detailed instructions on voting procedures.

Despite efforts to facilitate diaspora participation, concerns have been raised by the opposition regarding the potential for electoral fraud and discriminatory practices.

Amendments approved during the legislative process include the replacement of referendum options in the Electoral Code.

Following the plebiscite, the Constitution may be supplemented with various provisions, including a section addressing the European integration of the Republic of Moldova.

Among the approved amendments is the inclusion of criteria for determining the countries where postal voting will be implemented, ensuring adherence to international standards and diplomatic relations.

Translation by Iurie Tataru

Bogdan Nigai

Bogdan Nigai


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