Cybercor's USAID Boost: IT Equipment Reception & Training Commencement

The National Institute of Cyber Security Innovations, known as 'Cybercor,' has received its inaugural shipment of IT equipment from USAID.

Despite the institute not yet being operational, training for public sector employees has commenced. This shipment includes computers, servers, data processing centres, and networking equipment.

Scheduled to open this year, Cybercor is in the final stages of preparing its facilities, with the remaining equipment slated for delivery. Concurrently, the institution has initiated cybersecurity training for public servants.

Dinu Țurcanu, the strategic coordinator of Cybercor, highlighted, "Over the past 9-10 months, we have conducted more than 12 training sessions with public servants from both local and central public administrations. The inauguration is scheduled for this year, at the beginning of the academic year."

Cybercor's foundation rests on two pillars: the implementation of an academic program and the operation of practical laboratories, aiming to train over 5,000 cybersecurity specialists.

Prime Minister Dorin Recean emphasised the need for additional research in cybersecurity to safeguard critical infrastructure and assist citizens in protecting themselves from potential cyber threats.

In the initial phase, numerous computers, servers, data processing centres, and various networking equipment were delivered, essential for enhancing the state's cybersecurity capabilities.

Kent Logsdon, the US Ambassador to Chisinau, underscored, "The United States' assistance in bolstering Moldova's cyber resilience encompasses fortifying the country's expanding network of specialised institutions. Our contribution also entails support from the Department of Defense."

Isobel Coleman, USAID Deputy Administrator, noted, "Today, I visited Cybercore to observe the institute set to be launched this summer. Already, we can observe equipment monitoring cyberattacks in real-time, globally, and we can detect all the suspicious activities and real attacks."

The total investment provided by USAID, Sweden, and the United Kingdom amounts to $1.3 million, with $600,000 earmarked for the acquisition of IT equipment and $700,000 for critical infrastructure.

Translation by Iurie Tataru

Bogdan Nigai

Bogdan Nigai


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