USM and UTM could merge. Dorin Recean: Such a consolidation transforms the image of the university sector

The State University and the Technical University of Moldova could merge and form a single educational institution with a wider spectrum of specialties. The initiative came from the rectors of the two university institutions and they proposed it for discussion during a meeting with the Ministry of Education and Prime Minister Dorin Recean.

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The rectors claim that such a comprehensive university model also exists in Romania and has demonstrated that more possibilities can be attracted through this form of activity.

"We were discussing with Mr. Rector Sharov as an idea why not initiate a merger process, but not through absorption, but a merger like between two friendly universities that have been collaborating for many years. In this way, a comprehensive university would be created, which would be much more resilient to fluctuations in the labor market and to various challenges and crises", said Viorel Bostan, rector of UTM.

Although the idea of merging the two universities is one at the level of intention, the Ministry of Education and Research, but also the Government sees it as an opportunity that would boost the educational system at the university level.

"Such a consolidation, it actually transforms the image of the university sector and as you mentioned, we have the right size to expose us to the outside even more", said Dorin Recean, the Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldova.

We remind you that in 2022, the Government approved the merger by absorption of several universities. Thus, USM absorbed the Academy of Public Administration and 13 other research institutes, and UTM merged with the State Agrarian University of Moldova and three other research institutes.

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