Moldovan military could be deployed in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The soldiers of the National Army could participate in the European Union's military operation in Bosnia and Herzegovina EUFOR ALTHEA. A project in this sense was submitted for public debate by the Ministry of Defense.

According to the document, one of the priority objectives is to increase the level of participation of the Republic of Moldova in international peacekeeping missions and to strengthen security and stability. In this sense, our country could participate with a contingent of 32 soldiers.

According to the calculations of the Ministry of Defense, more than 11 million 600 thousand lei are needed. Up to 60 percent of the expenses will be covered by Romania.

The command of the operation is located in Sarajevo. Within EUFOR ALTHEA, 22 member states of the European Union and outside the community participate, with a staff of one thousand and one hundred people.

We remind you that currently, the Republic of Moldova participates in peacekeeping missions in Kosovo and Lebanon.

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