Moldovan Students Ace Baccalaureate Exams

This article describes a situation in Moldova where 46 graduating students from a high school in the capital city earned perfect scores on the baccalaureate exams in English and computer science without having to take the tests.

These students qualified for exemption by passing international exams that correspond to the baccalaureate subjects. The students expressed satisfaction with having more time to concentrate on their other exams.

High Achievers in Computer Science

Here are the five students who earned perfect scores on the computer science baccalaureate exam without taking it. As they had excelled in computer science throughout their studies, they decided to take the exam and qualify for exemption before the regular baccalaureate.

English Language Success

The English exam was administered to 41 students. These students needed to demonstrate proficiency in speaking, listening, reading, and writing to pass the exam.

The English teacher, Olga Ciorici, explained that in addition to the Ministry of Education's curriculum, the school incorporates textbooks from Cambridge University Press. These materials ensure that students develop all four language skills assessed on the exam.

The school administration actively encourages student participation in various national and international competitions and projects. This involvement allows students to gain valuable experience, which contributes to achieving the academic performance the school strives for.

Last year, it is worth noting, all the students in a 12th-grade class from this same high school earned perfect scores on the baccalaureate exam in English.

Translation by Iurie Tataru

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