EU Ambassador Addresses Judge Resignations in Moldova's Chișinău Court

The European Union's Ambassador to the Republic of Moldova, Janis Mazeiks, has provided insights regarding the resignation of 20 out of 40 judges from the Court of Appeal Chișinău, a matter currently under review by the Vetting Commission.

Mazeiks expressed uncertainty regarding the reasons behind the judges' decision to depart from the judiciary system. He suggested that some may have foreseen their inability to pass the vetting process. Speaking on the "Новая неделя" (New week) program on TV8, he remarked, "Probably, some knew they wouldn't pass this process."

Regarding the justice reform, a significant commitment undertaken by Moldova on its path to European Union accession, Mazeiks emphasised the importance of proceeding correctly, despite the process not progressing as swiftly as desired. He noted, "From the beginning of the process, we knew this would be the most difficult reform of all. (...) By the way, justice was the field in which I advised the authorities not to rush because Moldova has only one chance to do things right. Yes, it is unpleasant that changes are not happening faster, but it is very important for these changes to happen correctly."

Mazeiks underscored the ongoing developments, highlighting the importance of appointing a prosecutor general, given its visibility and significance. He stated, "Things are happening, and this is important for us, as both the Superior Council of Magistracy and the Prosecutors' Council have already passed the Pre-Vetting."

It is noteworthy that the Superior Council of Magistracy (CSM) approved the resignation of 20 judges from the Court of Appeal Chișinău on May 7. Consequently, only 20 magistrates will remain within the court, subject to evaluation by the Vetting Commission. On the same day, the CSM accepted the resignation request of Judge Ion Dănăilă from the Court of Appeal Cahul. Most judges cited "personal reasons" for their decision to leave the system.

Janis Mazeiks confirmed on May 7 that Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova could commence accession negotiations with the EU by the end of June, preceding the parliamentary elections in EU countries.

Translation by Iurie Tataru

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