Feast of the Dead Preparations Fill Chișinău Market

Large crowds thronged the Central Market in Chișinău today.

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Shoppers flocked to stalls laden with offerings and food for the traditional memorial meals held on Sundays and Mondays during the Feast of the Dead. Cemeteries will be abuzz with activity as people commemorate deceased loved ones.

Since morning, a bustling atmosphere prevailed in the areas selling dishes, resembling a scene reminiscent of a busy anthill. Customers hurriedly selected cups, plates, and other tableware before proceeding to stalls overflowing with towels, sweets, and artificial flowers.

Vendors reported stable prices compared to last year, emphasising their ample selection to cater to all budgets. Offerings ranged from simple items like cups and napkins to more elaborate tableware.

In keeping with tradition, many expressed their willingness to spend a significant amount to honour the deceased. They view this annual occasion as a special opportunity to remember loved ones.

One shopper explained her purchases, stating, "I'm getting napkins and a few other things for my relatives. I'm planning to spend around two thousand lei to ensure I have enough for everyone, including those who are less fortunate."

Another shopper, busy selecting dishes, towels, and cups, revealed her planned expenditure on offerings. "It'll be around two or three thousand lei, not including food. This is a special occasion that comes only once a year, and it's important to make offerings," she explained.

Several shoppers mentioned having already purchased some items but intended to use today's visit to acquire additional offerings specifically for their children and grandchildren.

Long queues snaked around the sweets stalls, where vendors confirmed that they had stocked up on the most popular items in anticipation of the holiday.

Father Andrei Rusu, from the capital's Saint Dumitru Church, emphasised the importance of charity during this time. He urged believers to prioritise helping those in need over exchanging elaborate offerings. He advised them to attend church services, light candles, and pray for the departed.

The Feast of the Dead will be observed on May 12th and 13th this year.

Translation by Iurie Tataru

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