Commissioner Hahn Advocates for Moldova's EU Referendum

The organisation of a referendum regarding accession to the European Union represents a consequential step that will convey a resolute message regarding Moldova's European aspirations and the expectations of its citizens.

Despite the current legal standpoint suggesting otherwise, European Commissioner Johannes Hahn holds the view that such a plebiscite is of great utility. He asserts that post-referendum, the European Union will gain insight into the significant interest Moldovans hold in this trajectory.

"I am not acquainted with the legal intricacies. While it may not be legally imperative at this stage, I firmly believe that organising this referendum is highly beneficial and strategically prudent. I am thoroughly convinced of the substantial support it will garner," declared the commissioner.

The European official underscores the importance of organising a referendum for accession, given the robust majority in favour of the European path within Moldova and the European community's recognition of the issue's significance to Moldovans.

"We within the European Union acknowledge the gravity with which the people of Moldova approach this matter. We observe a pronounced interest, hence, I regard this referendum as exceptionally significant and beneficial. It will signal Moldova's European perspective and expectations," the official further remarked.

In April, the Constitutional Court greenlit the referendum's organisation. The vote may occur in the fall of this year, on October 20, with citizens being asked, "Do you support the Republic of Moldova's accession to the European Union?"

Translation by Iurie Tataru

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