Moldova Driver's Licences Now Valid in Spain: Benefits Drivers & Diaspora

Moldovan driver's licences will now be recognized in Spain following the approval of an agreement between the two countries by the Moldovan Council of Ministers.

According to Moldova's Interior Minister, Adrian Efros, this decision on mutual recognition of driver's licences will eliminate administrative hurdles and provide significant benefits for drivers from both Moldova and Spain.

"Ratification of the agreement will ensure the mutual recognition of national licences issued by the relevant authorities in both countries," Efros said. "It will also simplify conversion procedures, facilitating free movement in international travel and opening up the possibility of securing lucrative employment contracts. This agreement complements Moldova's foreign policy of developing strong relations with Spain."

In this context, Moldovan Prime Minister Dorin Recean hailed the agreement as "very good news for the Moldovan diaspora in Spain."

"This agreement is part of a series of similar agreements Moldova has already signed," Recean said. "We must continue to establish such agreements with all countries where our diaspora is located."

According to data from Moldova's Interior Ministry in Chisinau, there are over 18,000 Moldovans living in Spain. Moldova currently has similar agreements in place with Italy, Lithuania, Turkey, and Israel. Agreements with Azerbaijan and France are still under discussion.

Translation by Iurie Tataru

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