The main natural gas supplier in Romania, Romgaz, opens a branch in Chisinau

The largest producer and main supplier of natural gas in Romania, Romgaz, in which the state is the main shareholder, has opened a branch in Chisinau, the company announced in a statement.

This was registered on Thursday, May 16, at the Public Services Agency of the Republic of Moldova.

The deputy general director of Romgaz, Aristotel Jude, announced that, in the immediate future, the company will take the necessary steps to get the license to supply natural gas on the territory of the Republic of Moldova.

Also, he was convinced that their trading on the centralized market in our country will effectively contribute to the liberalization of the natural gas market and to the creation of the necessary premises to establish a real price for the benefit of consumers. Romgaz is admitted to trading on the market of the Bucharest Stock Exchange and the London Stock Exchange. The company has experience in the field of natural gas exploration and production, and was founded over 100 years ago, in 1909.

Rodica Mazur

Rodica Mazur


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