Football Feasts & Cities: Moldova 1's EURO Guide

EURO 2024 is fast approaching, and Moldova 1 is transporting viewers to the heart of the action for the final tournament in Germany.

Tune in to "EURO ARENA," a brand new program on Moldova 1, to discover everything you need to know about the 17th edition of the European Football Championship.

"EURO ARENA" kicks off on May 20th and runs until June 13th, serving as a comprehensive lead-up to the European Football Championship. The show will delve into the participating teams and the host cities for this year's tournament.

Viewers will gain valuable insights into the 10 host cities, providing a well-rounded experience for those considering attending a match. Beyond the games themselves, each city boasts unique sights and a vibrant traditional cuisine. And of course, Germany is famous for its beer - with each region having its own breweries and centuries-old brewing traditions.

A special segment hosted by sports anchor Patricia Ciubotaru will delve deeper into the host cities, providing a comprehensive overview for viewers.

EURO ARENA will also feature exclusive interviews with ambassadors to Chisinau from the countries competing in the final tournament. This segment promises insightful perspectives on the participating nations.

Legendary Romanian footballers will join the program live to share their experiences from past European Championships, adding a touch of nostalgia and historical context.

Studio guests will test their football knowledge in a thrilling live segment called the Euro Quiz. The victor will walk away with a coveted prize.

The first episode will be a German extravaganza! The program has lined up some exciting content, and joining the show as special guests will be Radu Rebeja and Alexandru Guzun, two former Moldovan national team players who famously scored against Germany.

Translation by Iurie Tataru

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