Moldova: Internship Program Unveils Future Media Stars

Nine students from the Moldova State University School of Journalism commenced their internship program today at Teleradio-Moldova.

This internship offers them the opportunity to work alongside experienced journalists from the public broadcaster and gain valuable insights into the specific operations of each department, including television, radio, multimedia, and the main newsroom. The program lasts for three months, and the interns will also receive a competitive stipend during this period. The internship is funded by the British Government's Fund for Good Governance, in collaboration with BBC Media Action.

The nine interns began their experience today with a tour of the integrated newsroom, TV, radio, and multimedia studios, familiarising themselves with the work environment for the next three months. Among the interns is Adriana Ursachi, a second-year student, who expressed her gratitude for this internship, which she believes will be instrumental in realising her dream of a career in television.

"I am eager to begin this internship," Ursachi said. "I am confident it will provide me with an unforgettable experience and valuable knowledge that will benefit my future career."

Alina Chiperi, a third-year student, has already begun her foray into the world of radio, having secured a part-time position at Radio Moldova. Her primary motivation for applying to the internship program was to gain extensive professional knowledge from both Teleradio-Moldova's specialists and BBC professionals.

"This internship presents a valuable opportunity to learn new things, particularly from the BBC, which I consider to be the leading media institution globally," Chiperi remarked. "I am determined to seize this chance to enhance my skills."

This nine-month internship program is a joint initiative between Teleradio-Moldova and BBC Action, with funding provided by the British Government. The project was launched a year ago with an investment of 23 million lei. During her visit to Teleradio-Moldova, the British Ambassador to Moldova highlighted the United Kingdom's significant contribution to strengthening Moldova's democracy, which includes fostering a proactive and independent media landscape.

"Independent media plays a vital role in a healthy democracy," Ambassador Fern Horine emphasised. "A free press holds governments and businesses accountable and keeps the population informed. It serves as a source of independent, verified information, empowering citizens to comprehend current events and ask critical questions about their country's affairs."

Vlad Țurcanu, the director of Teleradio-Moldova, underscored the importance of these internships in fostering connections between aspiring journalists and experienced professionals. He believes these interactions will not only elevate the quality of media productions but also cultivate a new generation of engaged viewers.

"We envision this program, undertaken in collaboration with the BBC, to provide a unique and enriching experience for our interns," stated Țurcanu. "Such initiatives demonstrate Teleradio-Moldova's commitment to fulfilling its public service mission and establishing itself as a leading force in the Moldovan audiovisual landscape."

Igor Șarov, the president of Moldova State University, expressed his appreciation for Teleradio-Moldova's investment in future journalists and his hope that this internship program will inspire students to pursue careers in journalism.

"This project offers a tremendous opportunity for nine students from our School of Journalism to gain practical experience for 12 weeks at Teleradio-Moldova," said Șarov. "I believe this investment in students is paramount for the future of journalism."

For the initial two weeks of the internship, the students will receive training led by a group of journalists and trainers from BBC Media Action.

"We are hopeful that this very room harbours Moldova's future generation of journalists – individuals who will hold those in power accountable and champion democracy in the Republic of Moldova," remarked David Hayward Key.

The daily training sessions will be held at the Teleradio-Moldova headquarters from May 20th to May 31st. Following the training, the interns will be divided into groups of three and embedded alongside reporters and presenters across the radio, television, and main newsroom departments, which also encompasses multimedia. All participants will receive certificates of participation, and a ceremony will be held at the program's conclusion to recognize the best news pieces produced by each intern on their respective platforms.

Translation by Iurie Tataru

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