Moldova's Path to EU Accession Amidst Russian Threats: Insights from Danish Ambassador

Joining the European Union stands as the sole viable path for the Republic of Moldova at present, especially amidst the Russian Federation's ambitions to reconstruct its empire.

Our nation risks becoming the next strategic target should Ukraine fail to receive assistance and succumb to the ongoing conflict. These remarks stem from the discourse of Soren Jensen, the Danish ambassador to the Republic of Moldova, as conveyed during the Diplomatic Dimension program on Moldova 1. Jensen expressed confidence that negotiations for Moldova's accession to the European Union will commence imminently.

He underscored the widespread recognition within both the government in Chișinău and among the majority of citizens that Moldova's future lies within Europe.

"The objective," Jensen articulated, "is to integrate into this community sharing common values, where economic and personal freedoms are upheld. This underscores the substantial benefits of aligning with a bloc of nations, such as those in Europe, that espouse the same principles Moldova aspires to achieve: freedom."

Further, Jensen highlighted Denmark's steadfast commitment to supporting Ukraine, including through military assistance, and extending aid to Moldova to mitigate the repercussions of the Russian military incursion, encompassing budgetary and humanitarian assistance.

"In the short term," he elaborated, "it is imperative to ensure the integration of the rule of law, free from corruption. Without a robust judicial system, attracting investments becomes an arduous endeavour."

Denmark emerges as a primary contributor to Ukraine's assistance, having allocated 5.5 billion euros over the past two years. Since the onset of the Russian invasion, Denmark has intensified its support for Moldova, extending aid to manage the refugee crisis and bolstering economic, financial, energy, and security resilience.

Translation by Iurie Tataru

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