Zelensky's Plea: Expedite Military Aid to Ukraine Against Russian Aggression

Western allies are taking too long to make decisions regarding military support for Ukraine, according to President Volodymyr Zelensky.

In an exclusive interview with Reuters in Kiev on Monday, Zelensky expressed frustration over the delays in providing military assistance, particularly in the delivery of crucial anti-aircraft defence systems like the Patriot, which Ukraine heavily relies on in its conflict with Russia. He likened the situation to "a big step forward, but before this, two steps backwards."

"Every decision that we reach, and later all together, is delayed by about a year," remarked Zelensky, emphasising the significant time lag in reaching consensus among Western allies. Despite wearing a casual attire of a t-shirt and khaki pants, Zelensky's tone grew occasionally assertive as he addressed the challenges faced by Ukrainian forces.

Zelensky's candid remarks come at a critical juncture for his forces, which are grappling with the overwhelming superiority of the Moscow army in terms of personnel and military equipment. The Ukrainian military has been losing territory in both the northeast and east of the country.

Frustrated by what he perceives as delays and hesitations from Western partners, Zelensky suggested more direct ways in which allies could assist Ukraine, including the possibility of shooting down Russian rockets over Ukrainian territory in certain circumstances.

According to the Ukrainian president, the situation on the battlefield in the northeast of the country is now under control, following incursions by Moscow forces towards the city of Kharkiv, the administrative centre of the region with the same name in northeast Ukraine.

Translation by Iurie Tataru

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