European elections 2024

The Republic of Moldova is preparing for the European Parliament elections

The Republic of Moldova is preparing for the European Parliament elections. Almost one million Moldovans, who hold Romanian citizenship, will have the opportunity to directly influence the decisions of the European Union (EU). They are expected on June 9 to elect the MEPs from Romania, at 52 polling stations in the Republic of Moldova.

One of the polling stations will be opened in Florești.

"The Romanian Consulate in Bălți approached us to grant a space for the electoral office. In the elections of the Republic of Moldova, there is the voting station number three in the city of Florești. Now it will be the section for the European Union Parliament elections", said the mayor of Florești, Iurie Gangan.

The most polling stations, 13, will be opened in Chisinau. Their number has increased significantly compared to 2020, when 36 were opened in the Republic of Moldova. The voting station in Florești was visited by the Ambassador of Romania to the Republic of Moldova, Cristina-Leon Țurcanu.

"This growth was based primarily on citizens' interest in expressing their right to vote. We are waiting for everyone at the vote on June 9, because they will vote for Romania's MEPs, who in Brussels will make decisions for and about the Republic of Moldova. The participation of Romanian citizens from the Republic of Moldova is extremely important, first of all for the future of the Republic of Moldova", said the Romanian ambassador to the Republic of Moldova, Cristian-Leon Țurcanu.

The locations for MEPs were identified by the Romanian diplomatic mission, depending on their popularity at the traditional elections in our country, such as the Culture Centers in towns.

"The General Consulate of Romania in Balti will organize 17 polling stations. Two in Balti and one in each district center in the north of the Republic of Moldova. In each district, Romanian citizens will find a section where they can vote", said Mihai Tican, acting head of the Romanian Consulate in Bălți.

Romania will be represented in the European Parliament by 33 deputies out of 720.

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