EU accession

The Republic of Moldova is getting closer to the official opening of EU accession negotiations. The last two measures to be completed

The official opening of the negotiations regarding the accession of the Republic of Moldova to the European Union depends on how quickly our country completes its legal arrears. The chief negotiator of the Republic of Moldova regarding the accession process, Cristina Gherasimov, declared from Brussels that there is full openness on the part of the European countries to act in an accelerated manner in the opening of negotiations, and the government in Chisinau is doing its best to fulfill the two remaining outstanding measures. It is about the appointment of a general prosecutor, but also the vetting evaluation regarding the appointment of judges to the Supreme Court of Justice.

"These are the last two measures left to be implemented. We will do our best to have this intergovernmental conference organized by the member states, by the council by the end of June, but it depends on us how quickly we move with these two measures, which are still incomplete at the moment. We are working on these two measures, we see the steps taken by the CSP and the CSM, we hope that these bodies of justice will manage to do their job in time", said Cristina Gherasimov, Deputy Prime Minister for European Integration of the Republic of Moldova.

The Republic of Moldova - European Union intergovernmental conference could take place at the end of June, after last December, the European Council decided to start accession negotiations with our country.

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