The disassembly of the construction of the silo in Giurgiulesti Port, affected by the fire, continues. Firefighters - on the scene

The disassembly of the construction of the silo in the Giurgiulești Free International Port, affected by the fire on January 20, will continue today. At the scene, there are several vehicles of the General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations (IGSU), which continues its mission of ensuring fire safety following the controlled collapse of tank no. 2.

Sursa: IGSU/Telegram

According to the IGSU, during the night a fire station was activated on the spot, which carried out actions to extinguish the fire following the dismantling of the silo construction. At the same time, IGSU employees permanently ensured the fire safety of the objective. The work will continue throughout the day today, the quoted source announced.

As stated by firefighters and rescuers, the work carried out on the spot does not pose any risk to people or to the infrastructure of the objectives in the area.

Moldova 1 reminds its viewers that, on January 16, a major fire broke out in the port of Giurgiulesti at a grain storage tank. Due to the smouldering cargo of more than 1,000 tons of sunflower meal, the tanker collapsed. A new fire, already at another scrap tank, was reported on the morning of Friday, January 20, just four days after the first incident.

According to the MAI, the repeated fires at the silos in the Port of Giurgiulesti endanger critical infrastructure of national importance and security in the border area. In this context, the Ministry of the Interior requested the intervention of the CSE, to prevent more serious consequences. Prime Minister Natalia Gavrilița also reacted, after the two major fires in Giurgiulesti Port, which occurred four days apart. According to the prime minister, there are several irregularities that must be removed. Following the incidents, the General Prosecutor's Office also self-reported, which announced that it will investigate whether or not the technical and security rules for the operation of the silos for storing products affected by the fire are being respected or not.

Ecaterina Arvintii

Ecaterina Arvintii


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