Moldova's "City of Professions" Ignites Young Minds

Over 100 professions were introduced to children for the first time in Moldova at a social career guidance project called "City of Professions."

Held in the capital's "La Izvor" park, the event aims to empower each child to discover their potential through exploring various professions.

Dozens of children eagerly queued up to learn fascinating details about the forensic scientist profession. They have to put their fingerprint in their passport and then examine it with a magnifying glass.

The presentation on becoming a veterinarian also piqued the children's interest. "We demonstrate what we do daily in first aid," explained veterinarian Dumitru Silvestru, "including using this pulsoximeter to measure blood oxygen saturation and pulse."

Other interactive workshops allowed children to learn about being a tiler, a pharmacist, and even a dentist, where they received basic first-aid training.

"We initially planned for 150 professions, but due to high interest from government agencies and businesses, the number grew to around 160," said event organiser Tatiana Fala. "These organisations wanted to showcase their professions." Children receive a passport where their name and family are recorded. Each profession they encounter in the City of Professions will be documented there.

The career guidance project "City of Professions" was launched in Ukraine in 2014. Until the war began, the event was organised annually in 54 Ukrainian cities, attended by around one million children. This is the first time "City of Professions" has been held in Chisinau.

Translation by Iurie Tataru

Carolina Străjescu

Carolina Străjescu


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