Moldova-Wallachia Union, 164 years ago, marked in Chisinau by laying flowers

It turns 164 years since the Union of Moldova with Wallachia. In Chisinau, the celebration was marked by placing flowers at the bust of ruler Alexandru Ioan Cuza. The President of the Parliament, Igor Grosu, and several officials of the Romanian state pointed out the importance of the Little Union from 1859.

Ambasada României în Republica Moldova
Sursa: Ambasada României în Republica Moldova

The hero of this day is Alexandru Ioan Cuza, who was elected ruler first in Iasi, and then in Bucharest. He succeeded during his reign to unite Moldova and Wallachia into one state - Romania. The process was a long one, but Cuza's double election on January 24, 1859 entered history as Union Day. "That was the beginning. Romania appeared on the world map, Romania became a country and if it hadn't been for January 24, if it hadn't been for the ruler Alexandru Ioan Cuza, I think there wouldn't have been the Great Union either, which took place on December 1, 1918 ", said Ion Iovcev, former director of the "Lucian Blaga" Lyceum. The Romanian ambassador, Cristian Leon Țurcanu, and the head of the Department for Relations with the Republic of Moldova, Adrian Dupu, also laid flowers at the bust of Prince Cuza in the Botanica sector of Chisinau. "It is a special date, a historic date. It is a historic moment of great significance for absolutely all Romanians and we wanted to mark this event together in Chisinau. We mark this event with great emotions wherever we are, because January 24 is one of the main cornerstones of modern Romania", said Cristian-Leon Țurcanu, Ambassador of Romania to the Republic of Moldova. "Being from Iasi, I have always said that Romania was born in Iasi and the fact that today we celebrate 164 years since the Little Union or the first step towards the realization of modern Romania is an important and special day for all Romanians, wherever they are, and I'm glad to be in Chisinau today with Mr. Grosu and Mr. Ambassador, to mark this important event and show everyone unity", said Adrian Dupu, State Secretary, DRRM. The Little Union is an example for the current political class, said the President of the Parliament. "History is made by us and history is good for those who remember it, who study it, remember what was, don't repeat the mistakes or, best of all, learn from the mistakes of others. History showed us this example that at that time, in a political and geopolitical conjuncture, a brave and correct decision was taken", asserts the Parliament Speaker from Chisinau, Igor Grosu. Alexandru Ioan Cuza was elected Ruler of Moldova on January 5, 1859, and on January 24 he was also elected in Bucharest. Cuza ruled the two principalities separately until 1862, when Moldova and Wallachia created the modern Romanian state.

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