Suspected Foreign Interference as Moldovans Arrested for Paris Graffiti

Two citizens of the Republic of Moldova were detained in Paris on suspicion of having applied six images of coffins with references to Ukraine on the facade of the Le Figaro headquarters, according to the French press, citing sources close to the case.

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The drawings, made with stencils and red paint, were accompanied by the inscriptions "Stop death, the dream of Ukraine." Identical images were also found on the facade of Agence France-Presse, located not far from the Le Figaro headquarters. According to the French press, the suspects, who held passports from the Republic of Moldova, had sprays and stencils with them.

Previously, graffiti depicting Mirage planes in the shape of coffins with the inscription "Mirage for Ukraine" had been discovered in several neighbourhoods of Paris. Last week, three other young people from the Republic of Moldova were charged on suspicion of being the authors of graffiti depicting coffins with the inscription "French soldier in Ukraine." They were also arrested, having sprays and stencils with them.

Incidents of this kind are becoming more frequent in France and fuel suspicions of foreign interference.

Translation by Iurie Tataru

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