Strengthening Public Broadcaster, Ensuring Media Independence: Teleradio-Moldova Holds First Partner Meeting

The first meeting of the "Friends of Teleradio-Moldova" platform, held today, discussed objectives aimed at strengthening the public broadcaster's role and impact within Moldovan society.

These objectives encompass fortifying the broadcaster's capacities, ensuring media independence, digitising editorial processes, and professionalising its workforce.

Diplomatic Community Pledges Support

Several ambassadors and media representatives present at the meeting reiterated their commitment to supporting the public broadcaster in the face of current challenges. They are among the "Friends of TRM," a group of individuals and entities who recognize the crucial role Teleradio-Moldova plays in the current geopolitical climate.

"The Friends of TRM understand the vital role that Teleradio-Moldova plays," stated Vlad Țurcanu, director of IP Compania "Teleradio-Moldova." "Working together, they aim to help us achieve the goals that will lead to a successful future for Teleradio-Moldova. This entails professionalising the broadcaster, establishing appropriate infrastructure, and enabling it to offer the Moldovan public the information and programs they expect to see on the national agenda."

Ambassadors Offer Support for Media Independence, Digitization

The ambassadors expressed their willingness to assist Teleradio-Moldova in securing media independence, maintaining high-quality media services, and implementing the digitization of work processes.

"Public television plays a vital role in every nation," said Stanislav Kazecky, ambassador of the Czech Republic. "Just as it does in the Czech Republic, it does here in Moldova. We attended this meeting to learn about Teleradio-Moldova's plans and look forward to supporting their future endeavours."

"Regular meetings are crucial to discuss Teleradio-Moldova's upcoming programs and activities," said Stella Avallone, Austria's ambassador to Moldova. "Each partner can contribute their unique strengths in various fields. Austria, for example, has a rich cultural and musical heritage, and I see potential for collaboration, including in digitization and technical assistance."

"Friends of Teleradio-Moldova" Platform Fosters Collaboration

The "Friends of Teleradio-Moldova" platform serves as a formal space for communication between the public broadcaster and its supporters. Teleradio-Moldova welcomes the backing of all those who contribute to the company's development efforts.

"In addition to building capacities and competencies within our institution to intensify communication with the international community, we have also amplified our communication efforts on the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) platform," said Andrei Zapșa, deputy general director of TRM. "These efforts and the hard work undertaken are all directed towards making TRM a truly European institution."

Founding Members Include Japan and Romania

It is noteworthy that Japan and Romania are among the founding countries of the platform. Through this initiative, the public broadcaster seeks to acquire external financial assistance by mobilising civil society, partner states of the Republic of Moldova, the diplomatic corps accredited in Chișinău, and international donors.

Translation by Iurie Tataru

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