It turns 34 years since the adoption of the Declaration of Sovereignty of the Republic of Moldova

The Republic of Moldova celebrates Sovereignty Day today. The Declaration of Sovereignty was adopted 34 years ago, on June 23, 1990, by the deputies of the Supreme Soviet of the Moldovan Soviet Socialist Republic. President Maia Sandu mentions that "it is the document that opened our way to independence".

According to President Maia Sandu, the Declaration of Sovereignty is the document that opened the way to independence, democracy and the rule of law. The head of state mentioned in her message that, from then until now, our country has had a road full of difficulties. However, over 34 years, the Republic of Moldova remains a peaceful and democratic country, where the people are sovereign and decide the country's fate.

"The people will also decide the fate of the country for the coming decades at the referendum this autumn - if they support Moldova's accession to the European Union. We have learned, in the years of independence, that democracy and freedom are not given goods. These values must be defended, every day, if we want to build a peaceful and prosperous life, here, at home, and leave a free, independent and protected country as a legacy to our children", Maia Sandu pointed out.

"34 years ago, on June 23, 1990, the Declaration of Sovereignty was adopted, which laid the foundation of our state. In this historical document, it was solemnly declared before the whole world that the only bearer of sovereignty and the only source of power in the state is the people, and the Republic of Moldova is a unitary and indivisible state! Today, more than ever, we understand how important is our right, as citizens, to decide our own future and how fragile democracy can be, if it is not defended by all of us", said Mihai Popșoi, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Moldova.

According to the deputy prime minister, "we must strengthen state institutions - resilient institutions that will protect the citizen's interest".

The adoption of the Declaration of Sovereignty was the first important victory of the democratic forces in the struggle for national revival and liberation. Thus, the Declaration stipulates that the sovereignty of the Moldovan SSR is the only and necessary condition for the existence of Moldovan statehood.

The document stipulates the unitary and indivisible character of the state. It is established that SSR Moldova respects the UN statute and expresses its adherence to the principles of this organization, declares itself a demilitarized zone, actively promotes the consolidation of peace and security, is directly involved in the process of cooperation and security as well as in European structures.

Estonia was the first country in the former USSR to declare its sovereignty in 1988, followed by Lithuania in 1989 and Latvia in 1989.

Rodica Mazur

Rodica Mazur


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