Raid on a construction site in Voronezh: 45 migrants from Russia, forcibly taken to a military recruitment center

Less and less rights for migrants in Russia. At gunpoint, 45 migrants were forced to stand in the scorching sun and then taken to a military recruitment center after Russian law enforcement raided a construction site in Voronezh.

Meanwhile, a new law could deprive them of any rights. The passport will cease to be an identification document for migrants. They will need to have a document issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, which can be canceled by the police at any time and under any pretext.

The State Duma voted in the first reading on the draft law that gives the police the right to expel foreign citizens from the Russian Federation. Until the document is implemented, the administrative expulsion decision can be taken by judicial means, but also by the border police.

Also, the list of reasons that will justify the refusal to allow entry into the country is being expanded, and travelers will be photographed and fingerprinted.

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