Exercises by FRONTEX and IGPF at Moldova-Ukraine border crossing point Tudora

EU agency FRONTEX and the Border Police have enlarged the mission area. The joint teams will this year also work at the border with Romania, not only at the Moldovan-Ukrainian border; they will inspect the crossing points and the border region. FRONTEX agents and border guards have launched the new mission with practical exercises in Tudora in the south-east of the country.

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Through the Tudora border sector, runs the Odessa - Reni road which practically cuts the south-eastern corner of the country at the village of Palanca. The Republic of Moldova and Ukraine are not separated here by any natural border. More than 650 people tried to enter illegally through this area last year, mostly Ukrainian men fleeing the mobilisation and seeking asylum in Moldova. Therefore, FRONTEX and Border Police agents need to monitor the Odessa-Reni road, the access routes to the village of Palanca and the agricultural land on the border.

Since March 2022, when the joint mission started, FRONTEX has been working with the Border Police and the Customs Service. Its operational area has been extended this year to 20 sectors and 12 border crossing points at the Moldovan-Ukrainian border. The joint teams will also monitor the Prut border.

"The external border of the European Union has long since crossed the Prut. In fact, what we are doing here is at the border with Ukraine, at the border with war, and we are ensuring the security of both Moldovan and EU citizens," Border Police Chief Rosian Vasiloi explained.

The Moldovan Border Police will send a coordinating officer to the FRONTEX International Centre in the Polish capital Warsaw.

"Moldova is an example, in fact the best example for all countries that want to fully embrace European values. And I confirm that the well-known Moldovan hospitality is a reality. I believe it is a joint effort that brings us back to the essence of what we are doing here, and that is working together", Ionuț Osiac, coordinating officer, FRONTEX, says.

In the last few days, three Ukrainian citizens have entered illegally through the south of the country. Crossing the state border has become increasingly common in the past year, with the number of cases increasing by more than 1,600 percent. Trafficking in arms and drugs has also intensified.

Iulian Fanaru

Iulian Fanaru


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