Contemporary Japanese engraving exhibition inaugurated in Chisinau

An exhibition of contemporary Japanese prints from the Land of the Rising Sun opened in Chisinau. The opening organised by the Embassy of Japan in the Republic of Moldova, the National Museum of Art in the capital in partnership with the Japanese Foundation highlights the work of 10 contemporary artists.

The series of prints entitled "Sun and Birds" by Masanari Murai, together with other works by contemporary Japanese creators, provided visitors with the revelation of discovering an art deeply rooted in the tradition of Japanese culture.

"It really is a joy for the eyes and a meditation on this art. We think about the meaning of life," says teacher Tatiana Bîzgu.

"Japan has centuries-old traditions in graphics, schooling. Very nice exhibition", says artist Igor Svernei.

"It is an event that in these difficult times brings us back to normality. Indeed, rays of light from the Land of the Rising Sun, from a land that for us always remains miraculous", says journalist Liliana Popusoi.

This is the first event organised at the Art Museum by the new Japanese ambassador to Chisinau.

"It is invigorating and inspiring to look at these works. They represent new attempts to break out of conventional approaches to art and present something new," says Ambassador Yamada Yoichiro.

"This art is timeless, it changes in form but does not change in essence. It will remain just as elegant, just as refined," says Svetlana Pociumban, head of directorate at the Ministry of Culture.

Thanks to cooperation between the National Art Museum and the Japanese Embassy, many Japanese travelling exhibitions are also organised in Chisinau.

"They are contemporary artists, but with the perfection of the Far Eastern artist. An extraordinarily subtle exhibition, with an extraordinary sensitivity", says the museum's director, Tudor Zbârnea.

The exhibition of Japanese engravings can be seen at the National Art Museum in Chisinau until 12 March.

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