With the support of the Romanian Cultural Institute, the photo exhibition "Interwar Soroca" was carried out

The Museum of History and Ethnography in Soroca inaugurated a photo exhibition entitled "Soroca interwar". The 20 photographs on display to the public portray the most important architectural monuments of the city from the interwar period, some of which are to be renovated. The exhibition was organised.

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The museum hall was full. Among those present at the event were young people who are now studying in the old interwar buildings. One of these buildings is the former Zemstva building, which will be restored by a Romanian entrepreneur and could become a new tourist attraction in the city.

"We, the young generation, must know history, because without it we don't know the past.";

"I was impressed in this exhibition by Soroci's history because we live in the city and we don't know what history we have";

"We must not destroy what previous generations did with hard work and love so that these monuments could be built and it is a pity that they are now in ruins. But I think the time will come and some of them will be rehabilitated. The worst would be if they were in the style of yesteryear, to give it its former breath and appearance."

The event's organisers are the Romanian Cultural Institute and the "Constantin Stere" People's Summer University.

"We want to introduce the young generation to the buildings that had a historical destiny and carry history in themselves and not only, to the buildings but also to the personalities who worked in these buildings: the first Romanian high schools "Domnița Ruxandra" and "Xenopol". The inter-war period was the most fruitful period that occupies a leading place in the cultural life of Romania", says the president of the "Constantin Stere" Summer University, Ana Bejan.

The exhibition will be on show at the Museum of History and Ethnography in Soroca until the end of March.

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