Maia Sandu visiting Mihaileni: We will continue to ensure peace and tranquillity in our society

After Prime Minister Dorin Recean, Maia Sandu also went to the north of the country. The president met with residents of the village of Mihaileni, Riscani district. She spoke to them about state security and attempts to destabilise the situation by criminal groups who want to return to power.

"I want to tell you with all certainty, with all seriousness, that we will continue to ensure peace and tranquillity in our society, even if there are risks. Our institutions know how to do their job well and will keep citizens safe. There is no reason to worry that war will come to us, as long as Ukraine keeps the Russian army away from the borders of the Republic of Moldova," said President Maia Sandu.

The hall was packed and some people stood to listen to the head of state and ask her questions.

"For the Health Centre, we have a request for you, because the centre is served by a machine that is about 16 years old," said farmer Vasile Grumeza.

"I will forward your request for a vehicle for the health centre to the Ministry of Health. I can't tell you exactly because they also have some priorities, but if you have noticed, in the last year, several new cars have been distributed to different localities and hospitals," the head of state said.

Maia Sandu told the farmers, who claim that more support is needed from the authorities, that a little patience is needed and help will not be long in coming.

"What we have discussed with the government and are still discussing is an instrument to support farmers, through interest compensation or other methods. You should know that they are now discussing a supplementary instrument to support farmers this year," she says.

Maia Sandu's last visit to the north of the country took place in January in the Dondușeni district.

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