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Maia Sandu: The most pressing issue that will be discussed at the EPC Summit is security

The statement was made by the head of state, Maia Sandu, for TVR Moldova. The president claims that, tomorrow, the meeting will discuss the support that must be offered to Ukraine, but also to the Republic of Moldova. At the same time, greater attention will be paid to energy security, a problem that, once solved, will protect us from Russian blackmail and allow us to pay reasonable amounts for natural gas, said the moldovan president.

Issues on the agenda of the Summit

Maia Sandu claims that holding the EPC Summit in the Republic of Moldova is a recognition of our state at the international level. The head of state states that the leaders participating in the event trusted the citizens of the Republic of Moldova and the state institutions, that we can organize such an important meeting.

"It is also a proof of support because all these countries come here, to the Republic of Moldova, knowing that there is an ongoing war on our border. It's also a symbol of support for Ukraine, about what's happening there and how Ukraine can be further supported, how we can bring peace back to the continent."

According to Maia Sandu, in the context of this event, our country will enjoy increased attention in the coming weeks. The head of state also spoke about the important topics to be discussed at the summit: security and defense, energy security and interconnection. The president claims that the issue of security in the region is the most pressing, as everyone wants peace to return to the continent.

*"We will discuss what we can do for Ukraine, what we can do for the Republic of Moldova, which is affected by this war. How we strengthen relations between states. We're talking about cyber security, because it's a problem for a lot of countries. Energy and energy security is extremely important.

We're going to discuss how we all speed up the transition to renewable energy and, on the other hand, how we build more connection lines for both electricity and gas so we don't get blackmailed."*

Integration into the EU

The head of state also spoke about the nine recommendations that our country must fulfill as a candidate state for joining the European Union. Maia Sandu emphasized the progress in their implementation, including justice reform, and mentioned that we need to increase the capacities and trust in state institutions.

"Our priority is to become an EU member state as soon as possible. We need strong teams to make this possible. European integration is for everyone. Everyone wants to know that they want to live peacefully, in a country that is not threatened by aggression and attempts at destabilization. Everyone wants to know that they have a chance to make a good salary.”

The head of state also spoke about the relations between the Republic of Moldova and Romania, which she said are better than ever. The president said that Romania is an important voice for our country. She also referred to the sanctions mechanism applied by the EU against people who try to destabilize the situation in the Republic of Moldova, which was adopted at the initiative of the Romanian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Bogdan Aurescu. At the same time, Maia Sandu mentioned that, together with Romania, she wants to boost, in the near future, several projects, including infrastructure.

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