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Josep Borrell: Security, stability and connectivity are the keywords of this meeting

Security, stability and connectivity will be the key words of this meeting from the perspective of building a common policy framework for the EU, said the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Josep Borrell.

"I hope that the presence of many leaders here, who are close to Ukraine, a few kilometers from the border with Ukraine, will send a strong message of unity. How many states, not only those in the EU, will defend international order, people's rights and countries' sovereignty. It is very important that this message reaches Russia. Russia is not here, not because we didn't want to invite it, but Vladimir Putin has excluded Russia from this community by launching this attack. We need to work on three things. The first - to better connect the people of this political community. The second is to stabilize our continent and the third thing is security, stability and connectivity. These are the three key words of this meeting from the perspective of building a common policy framework for the EU", the official declared.

Josep Borrell also referred to the perspective of Moldova joining the EU, noting that it already exists, and our country must make reforms.

"The prospect of accession exists, it is already offered. Yesterday there was a vibrant concert where everyone listened to the EU anthem and I believe that the European will of the people, of the Government and the European path is very clear. Moldova has candidate status. Now Moldova must make the reforms. (...) The Republic of Moldova decides independently what happens to the Transnistrian region. Cyprus became a member of the EU with a territorial problem. Moldova can also do this," said the European official.

At the same time, Josep Borrell expressed his regret for the victims of the recent attacks in Ukraine, noting that "this confirms once again that Russia continues to attack the civilian population in Ukraine."

Doina  Pozdirca

Doina Pozdirca


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