Shakespearean anniversary in Chisinau: First Folio exhibition held

The 400th anniversary of the publication of the First Folio of Shakespeare's Complete Works in 1623 was celebrated in Chisinau, Moldova, as well.

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Within the meeting of the Romanian National Theaters, a special exhibition was held: a collection of rare Shakespearean books brought by Emil Boroghină, the director of the International Shakespeare Festival in Craiova, Romania.

The exhibition features copies of the First Folio, which was published in 1623. It contains 1,000 pages of the great playwright's work that has conquered the world.

"The exhibition includes copies after the Princeps edition and made by the world's leading publishers: rare editions from 1728, 1750, then 1808. The first appearance of Shakespeare's works in 1865 at the Globe publishing house, then a few British and American editions," said Emil Boroghină, director of the International Shakespeare Festival.

The exhibition also features translations of Shakespeare's works into the languages of the world, including Romanian.

"It was only natural that we would want to see this exhibition, especially since we are very Shakespearean and Shakespeare is more relevant than ever," said literary critic Maria Pilchin.

The valuable collection was formed during the tours of the Craiova theatre in 98 countries on all continents.

"I brought books from all over the world, I wrote letters, I made orders, I received them, and I am glad that in this anniversary year we can present this exhibition," said Emil Boroghină.

"I dreamed, believe me, I dreamed that I could bring this rare book, this unique exhibition from Emil Boroghină's collection, so that we can all enjoy it," said Petru Hadârcă, director of the National Theater "M. Eminescu" in Chisinau.

"It would be the dream of every librarian to have such a valuable collection in their library," said Mariana Harjevschi, director of the "B.P. Hasdeu" Library.

"It is a great joy to see here the interest in this book and how much the theatrical life has changed in the world since this book was published 400 years ago," said Nicoleta Cinpoeș, a doctor in Shakespearean studies from the United Kingdom.

This event creates a new connection between the International Shakespeare Festival in Craiova and the Meeting of the Romanian National Theaters in Chisinau.

"Not only a connection, we really wanted and dreamed of making a partnership between these two festivals. Emil Boroghină, the great theatre man, came up with the idea, the one who broke the border both literally and figuratively in 1990, being at the helm of the National Theater in Craiova, he came with five phenomenal performances," underlined Petru Hadârcă.

The Meeting of the Romanian National Theaters continues until September 24 with a wide variety of performances, exhibitions, and creative workshops.

Translation by Iurie Tataru

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