Candidates for the position of mayors and councilors of the municipalities of Balti and Chisinau can submit their registration documents to the CEC

Candidates who want to run for the general local elections can submit their documents starting today. According to the Central Electoral Commission (CEC), we are talking about the candidates for the positions of mayors and councilors of Balti and Chisinau municipalities, as well as district councilors.

For this, political parties and electoral blocs will present several documents to the constituency electoral councils.

Independent candidates will appear in person at the constituency electoral council and submit the subscription lists together with the necessary documents for registration. Subscription list forms can also be requested, starting on September 19, from the electoral council of the electoral district in the territorial area of which the independent candidate plans to run.

The list of candidates for the position of councilor is drawn up in Romanian and is presented to the electoral council both on paper and in electronic version, respecting the gender quota of at least 40% for both sexes and according to the formula - at least 4 candidates of the same gender at each 10 seats.

The electoral campaign for the local elections will start on October 6.

On September 16, the CEC registered the "Ruslan Codreanu" Electoral Bloc for participation in the general local elections of November 5, 2023. The Bloc consists of the "Christian-Social Union of Moldova" Political Party and the "People's Power" Political Party.

So far, they have announced their intention to run for mayor of Chisinau City Hall Constantin Butucel from the "At Home, We Build Europe" Party, Vasile Bolea, the "Renaissance" Party, Diana Caraman, proposed by the PCRM, Ion Ștefăniță from the "Respect Moldova" Movement ", Mihail Polianschi from the "Civic Congress" Party, Adrian Albu from PSRM, Vadim Brînzaniuc - PSDE and Ion Purice from PL.

Victor Chironda, proposed by the DA Platform, Ion Bulgac from the Coalition for Unity and Well-Being, Mihail Bagas from PP "League of Cities and Towns", Lilian Carp - Action Party will also take part in the race for mayor of Chisinau; Anatol Usatîi, the Party of Development and Consolidation of Moldova, Vasile Costiuc, the leader of the "Home Democracy" Party and Ion Ceban - the current mayor of Chisinau.

Aureliu Filipp, from the Development and Consolidation Party, Tatiana Novac from the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe (ALDE), Vladimir Rusu from PAS and Maxim Moroșan from the PSRM have announced their intention to run for the position of mayor of Balti.

To monitor the general local elections of November 5, 2023, the CEC has so far accredited 75 national and 11 international observers, as well as two experts from the Supreme Electoral Council of Turkey.

In the local general elections on November 5, 898 mayors and 11,058 local councilors are to be elected.

Carolina Străjescu

Carolina Străjescu


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