UTA Gagauzia: The composition of the new Executive Committee, approved by the People's Assembly

The composition of the Executive Committee of the Gagauz autonomy was approved today by the local officials after the ninth attempt. The cabinet of Bašhcan of UTA Evghenia Guțul was supported by 20 deputies of the People's Assembly, seven voted against, four others abstained from voting.

The two deputies of the mayor were confirmed - Ilie Uzun and Victor Petrov.

Also today, the People's Assembly elected three district presidents from the Gagauz Autonomy. Vadim Ceban was elected president of Comrat district, Natalia Şoşevaia will lead Ceadâr-Lunga district, Piotr Ceban - Vulcănești district.

Ana Stegarescu

Ana Stegarescu


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