"There is no danger to households." The activity of the observation posts on the Nistru River in the Ocnița and Soroca districts was suspended

The activity of observation posts on the Nistru River in the Ocniţa and Soroca districts were suspended, informs the General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations. According to the quoted source, the stoppage is due to the drop in the water level on this segment. IGSU employees monitor the dynamics of the water level at 8 observation stations.

Sursa: IGSU/Telegram

Also, in cooperation with the Hydrology Directorate of the State Hydrometeorological Service, the water discharge flows from the Dnestrovsk and Dubăsari hydraulic nodes are also monitored. The IGSU states that according to this morning's data, there is a decrease in the water level at the measuring points in the towns of Rezina and Ştefan Vodă, Tudora.

The rescuers together with the authorities of the Ministry of the Environment and the Ministry of Internal Affairs constantly monitor the situation in order to prevent the risk. At the moment, the attested situation does not indicate any danger for households and people's homes.

Ecaterina Arvintii

Ecaterina Arvintii


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