The winners of the Moldovan Union of Visual Artists Awards Gala were announced

An event with triple significance brought together numerous admirers of fine arts at "Constantin Brâncuşi" Gallery. The first edition of the Moldovan Visual Artists Union Awards Gala was held alongside with the National Contemporary Art Salon inauguration. Both events are dedicated to the 120th anniversary of the Union of Visual Artists, the natural successor of the Bessarabian Fine Art Amateur Society.

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The event on the occasion of the 120th anniversary of the foundation of the First Society of Art Lovers from Bessarabia turned into a real celebration. This society was the basis of the Union of Visual Artists from the Republic of Moldova.

"What we have today, in fact, is due, on the one hand, to the continuity with the Union of Visual Artists from the Soviet period, and on the other hand, it is a new facet, which no longer corresponds to ideological or political rigors, but is oriented towards the elucidation of excellence and the performances of the artists", says Florina Breazu, the president of the Union of Visual Artists.

At the first edition of the Contemporary Art Salon, the visual artist Tudor Zbârnea was awarded the Grand Prize for his entire activity.

"It's a special gala. The 120th anniversary of the Union of Visual Artists foundation tried to link to a certain historical coherence of this Association, the current Union of Visual Artists", declared Tudor Zbârnea.

Veaceslav Fisticanu was awarded the prize of "Mihai Eminescu" Romanian Cultural Institute , Svetlana Șugjda was awarded the jury prize, as well as Florina Breazu and Anatol Danilişin were awarded the prizes for painting.

"Light unconquered by darkness, I thought that no matter what happens in this world, good always overcomes evil", says Anatol Danilișin.

"A tapestry in mixed technique and a source of inspiration was the culture of our ancestors, the Dacians," says Ludmila Furdui.

"It is a very pleasant event, we are at the first edition and in this edition I got the youth award. It is a real celebration", says Ruslan Roșca.

The prize of excellence went to the painter Dumitru Peicev.

"I'm supported by people, not by bosses. I can say that it is a kind of breath", declared Dumitru Peicev.

The works passed through the rigors of a demanding jury, chaired by the art critic and curator from Iasi, Maria Bilasevschi, university lecturer, doctor at the Faculty of Visual Arts and Design of "George Enescu" National University from Iasi, full member of the Visual Artists Union from Iasi branch.

"I think it is a first step taken by the Union of Visual Artists from the Republic of Moldova, a firm step to outline an identity. We all talk about a Romanian identity, but we see from this exhibition that, although we come with our features, as well as with our roots, we are very well anchored in the whole world. I think it's an exhibition about unity, harmony and, above all, about quality", declared Maria Bilasevschi.

The Contemporary Art Salon will be open to visitors until November 26.

facebook/ Centrul expozițional „Constantin Brâncuși”
Sursa: facebook/ Centrul expozițional „Constantin Brâncuși”
facebook/ Centrul expozițional „Constantin Brâncuși”
Sursa: facebook/ Centrul expozițional „Constantin Brâncuși”

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