A new edition of the traditional festival "La onor, la datorie" took place in the capital

The 25th edition of the municipal folklore contest festival "La onor, la datorie" presented military traditional songs. The event began with the recital of "Haiducii" folklore ensemble from the Center of Excellence in Transport, where the gala concert and the award ceremony took place.

„The folk songs given by Nicolae Gribincea are for the people. - But how do you feel when you sing them? - Well I feel joy and I feel that I can keep our traditions alive”, says Catalin Pislasu, a student from the Centre of Excellence in Transport.

All of the 15 ensembles and soloists from high schools and centers of excellence from the capital performed authentic military folk songs.

"We support our men because it is very important to promote patriotic education, in order not to lose the folklore and traditions of our nation", says Mirela Gorun, a student from the Center of Excellence in Medicine.

"We are very fond of performing such songs to the people. These songs mean a lot to us" Mirela's colleague, Catalin Beznos says.

"There are still those old people who can offer us more of what they know. The materials performed by the "Romanita" ensemble are collected from my home village, from Ecaterina Ursu, Valentina Boiangiu and Vasilisa Furtuna", says the leader of the "Romanita" ensemble, Mihai Siminica.

This military songs are still sung in our villages. This is the opinion of the beloved artist, promoter of authentic values - Nicolae Gribincea, who founded the military song festival 25 years ago.

"It is a festival organized by Culture, Education, Youth and Sport Directorates. We are glad that we were able to make these songs be heard, the folklore that belongs to a very beautiful period of youth, when young people used to separate from their families and leave for the army. And all this repertoire is related to youth, beauty of love, bravery and army”, says the founder and director of the festival, Nicolae Gribincea.

"Our young people must be educated through song and music, but God save us from war!", says Viorica Cheptanaru, the leader of the folk ensemble.

The military folklore festival "La onor, la datorie" culminated with the Awards Gala. The Grand Prize was given to "Romanita" ensemble from the Center of Excellence in Medicine and Pharmacy.

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