Approved by the Parliament// The business environment of the Republic of Moldova will have access to several European funds

The Republic of Moldova will participate in the EU "Single Market" program, according to an Agreement ratified by the Parliament. Through it, entrepreneurs will be able to benefit from more funding from the European Union, said the Minister of Economic Development and Digitalization, Dumitru Alaiba.

"The Republic of Moldova showed interest in participating in two components of the program: market surveillance and SME competitiveness. In addition to access to financial instruments, joining the program will provide access to the expertise, experience and best practices of other program beneficiary states. The “Single Market” program represents a significant step in the gradual integration into the single market of the European Union, open to free competition, a major objective for the Republic of Moldova in its EU accession process", said Dumitru Alaiba.

The agreement between the Republic of Moldova and the European Union regarding our country's participation in the Single Market Program was signed on September 8, 2023.

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