Maia Sandu attends a ceremony to commemorate the heroes who fell in the 1992 armed conflict on the Nistru

The heroes who fell in the battles on the Nistru in 1992 are commemorated in a ceremony held at the "Eternitate" Memorial Complex. The President of the Republic of Moldova, the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, Maia Sandu, gave a speech at the commemoration rally, which brought together dozens of veterans of the armed conflict on the Nistru, policemen, soldiers, rescuers, people who lost next of kin in this war.

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Maia Sandu mentioned in her speech that the 1992 war is a deep wound in our society that even the passage of time cannot heal.

The head of state paid tribute to the fallen heroes and assured that the authorities in Chisinau will not allow the repetition of this tragedy.

Maia Sandu, President of the Republic of Moldova:

"Every year, the beginning of spring in our country is overshadowed by the painful memory of a terrible armed conflict that claimed hundreds of lives and shattered thousands of other destinies. Today, on the Day of Remembrance and Gratitude, we are talking about the wounded and crippled, the children who were orphaned, the widows who lost their husbands, or the parents who had to bury their sons who sacrificed themselves for our country - Republic of Moldova.

We bow to the heroes of those days and weeks, when the peace and good understanding of our lands were shaken by the deafening noise of bullets and shells. They say time heals all wounds, but our society carries a deep wound that the mere passage of time cannot heal.

Keeping the memory of the battles on the Nistru in 1992, we solemnly undertake to never admit the repetition of that tragedy. And if there are forces still trying to sow mistrust and discord between us, I tell you plainly and bluntly: They will not succeed either now or in the future.

The people of the two banks of the Nistru have nothing to share, regardless of whether they live in Chisinau or Tiraspol, in Balti or Tighina, in Comrat or Taraclia, the people of Moldova value peace and freedom more than ever.

I thank all those who ensure that there is order and peace in our country today. We are grateful to every policeman, carabinieri, rescuer, firefighter, every soldier, general, colonel , captain, lieutenant, platoon sergeant, soldier for their love of the nation, for their sacrifices and for watching over the safety of us all. Since the war is haunting the neighboring country Ukraine, right on our border, your effort is all the more precious".

The independence and integrity of the Republic of Moldova was defended in 1992 by 25,746 young people from the Republic of Moldova: soldiers, policemen, volunteers. 321 heroes fell on the battlefield.

The armed conflict on the Nistru in 1992 mutilated the destinies of thousands of people from the Republic of Moldova, leaving the bitter memory of a human tragedy.

Cornelia Stefoglu

Cornelia Stefoglu


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